Jeff Nielson

Jeff Nielson
(435) 459-2160
Alternate Phone: 
(435) 587-3166
Toll-Free Number: 
(888) 880-3166
Fax Number: 
(435) 587-2579

Jeff Nielson is a native of San Juan County. He grew up in Blanding and has developed a loved for this county, the people, and the land. Anyone who knows Jeff knows he enjoys working with people. He has had several occupations selling and representing all types of people. He is easy to get along with and is very helpful and happy to help anyone.

Jeff enjoys spending time with his family including his wife, kids, and parents. He also enjoys spending time on the golf course.

Jeff’s charisma and responsibility have been and will continue to be an asset for all those looking to sell or purchase realty.


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